Ducks & Drakes backpackers

DUCKS & DRAKES [star rating="5"] Boutique Motel and Backpackers The Boutique Motel is the “Duck” of Ducks & Drakes. Comforting, functional, flowing. Ducks and Drakes Boutique Motel brings accommodation space alive with comfort, colour and flare. The Backpackers Hostel is the Drake. Proud. The Drake stands tall. Has seen much but talks of nothing. All secrets are safe. The thing about Ducks & Drakes Backpackers is that you will never forget your experience here. Website: Facebook: Ducks-and-Drakes [...] [star rating="5"] Seasonal Work Offers in New Zealand - Search or advertise job offers This seasonal work website has offers many job and employment opportunities from all over New Zealand and from many industries, like fruit picking and hospitality. There you find job offers in great popular locations and resort towns around New Zealand. There is a growing demand in New Zealand for seasonal workers. People that are willing to work at short notice and for varying durations, [...]

2017-03-16T03:24:33+00:00Categories: Recommendations, Services|Tags: | [star rating="5"] Free One-Way Car Rentals - Relocation Cars and Campervans across New Zealand What a great way to travel New Zealand - and it's free! Transfercar is a service that helps rental car companies to transfer cars between their branches while offering a way for travellers to travel for free. Go to and search relocation cars and campervans from the majority of New Zealand rental car companies. The rental operators win, you win. Please have also a look [...]

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