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Thumbs up is a free ride sharing app for travellers and locals wanting to explore New Zealand, the North and South Island, meeting awesome, like-minded people along the way – enjoy!

The Thumbs Up community and service is new. We have an iOS App – we’re currently developing the Android App – but it’s free, so please share with your family/friends and help others travel around NZ at the best price.

On our home page click on “Download App to Ride”. Enter your phone number and receive a texted or emailed link to download either the iOS App.

You can also find the Thumbs Up App in the App Store by searching “Thumbs Up”. Once you download our App, create an account. This requires an e-mail address and valid phone number. Upon sign up, you will receive a text to verify your phone-number.

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How to use Thumbs Up App2017-03-13T20:38:54+00:00

Using ride sharing Thumbs Up App enables you to offer seats in your vehicle, or find a spare seat in another vehicle, to travel to the same destination. You will only pay a portion of the cost of that journey, based on an agreed price. The driver or passenger can’t earn money by sharing a ride. Once this is agreed by the driver and passenger, you can meet and travel at the best price anywhere in New Zealand! When your shared trip is over, review the journey and the passenger/driver to help other travelers find a journey that’s best for them.

Anyone can browse the rides and seat offered around NZ, but a passenger and driver must first register to confirm a seat or offer a ride on Thumbs Up App. Register on the App then you can make contact with a driver or passenger to confirm the ride you chose or are offering. Thumbs Up will provide the contact details between drivers and passengers so you can agree how much the shared costs will be, where to meet and at what time. The cost contribution of the shared ride is agreed on by the driver and passenger.

Is it safe to use Thumbs Up for ride sharing?2017-03-13T20:38:54+00:00

To use the Thumbs Up NZ Ride Sharing App you must register, providing a valid email address and phone number. To earn further “trust points” from Thumbs Up, you can also enter your vehicle license plate number and upload a current ID, if you wish. The ID won’t be published and will not be publicly seen. Accepted forms of ID include passport, drivers licence etc.

We’re not saying our app mitigates any risks when traveling around New Zealand or ride-sharing. Thumbs up simply makes it easier, simpler and cheaper to help travelers see and explore the country, by connecting drivers and passengers. Whether you’re a foreigner just vising, or you’re a local living in NZ then Thumbs Up is designed for you!

You can find out more about the driver or passenger by reading their Thumbs Up profile; this includes a photo, their real name, validated cell phone and any additional trust points. Ultimately you’re in control, deciding who you want to share a ride with.

Are my uploaded datas visible to the public (ID, address, phone etc.)?2017-03-13T20:38:54+00:00

Thumbs up is a free ride sharing app for travellers and locals wanting to explore New Zealand, the North and South Island, meeting awesome, like-minded people along the way – enjoy!

By registering you are able to fill in your name, age, address, phone number, car make and model – even uploading a portrait photo and a copy of your ID is possible. Publically visible are only photo, name, age and car make/model. Your phone number will only be visible for passengers/drivers after a ride is booked.

All other data, like address, email and uploaded copy of your ID, is only visible to Thumbs Up NZ and this data is only used to verify your “trust points”.

Finally it’s your own choice which data you fill in/upload. But we think that a photo and “trust points” will increase your chances to get suitable travel mates.


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How much will it cost?2017-03-13T20:38:54+00:00

The Thumbs Up App and our service is free!


When do I need to pay the cost contribution to the driver?2016-12-16T09:49:46+00:00

You pay the driver your cost contribution when you meet to start the journey or as agreed.

Cancelling a ride2017-03-13T20:38:54+00:00

Unfortunate or unexpected events that prevent you sharing a ride you’ve agreed on can occur – life’s like that sometimes. If you need to cancel a confirmed ride then do so ASAP by contacting the driver or passenger.

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