To use the Thumbs Up NZ Ride Sharing App you must register, providing a valid email address and phone number. To earn further “trust points” from Thumbs Up, you can also enter your vehicle license plate number and upload a current ID, if you wish. The ID won’t be published and will not be publicly seen. Accepted forms of ID include passport, drivers licence etc.

We’re not saying our app mitigates any risks when traveling around New Zealand or ride-sharing. Thumbs up simply makes it easier, simpler and cheaper to help travelers see and explore the country, by connecting drivers and passengers. Whether you’re a foreigner just vising, or you’re a local living in NZ then Thumbs Up is designed for you!

You can find out more about the driver or passenger by reading their Thumbs Up profile; this includes a photo, their real name, validated cell phone and any additional trust points. Ultimately you’re in control, deciding who you want to share a ride with.