Using ride sharing Thumbs Up App enables you to offer seats in your vehicle, or find a spare seat in another vehicle, to travel to the same destination. You will only pay a portion of the cost of that journey, based on an agreed price. The driver or passenger can’t earn money by sharing a ride. Once this is agreed by the driver and passenger, you can meet and travel at the best price anywhere in New Zealand! When your shared trip is over, review the journey and the passenger/driver to help other travelers find a journey that’s best for them.

Anyone can browse the rides and seat offered around NZ, but a passenger and driver must first register to confirm a seat or offer a ride on Thumbs Up App. Register on the App then you can make contact with a driver or passenger to confirm the ride you chose or are offering. Thumbs Up will provide the contact details between drivers and passengers so you can agree how much the shared costs will be, where to meet and at what time. The cost contribution of the shared ride is agreed on by the driver and passenger.